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How to regulate the chaos in the domestic instrument industry?

How to regulate the chaos in the domestic instrument industry?

With the development of China's economy and the progress of science and technology, the domestic instrument industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and the scale of the instrument industry has been expanding constantly. Many outstanding instrument brands have participated in the international competition while meeting the domestic demand.To go overseas and enter the international market has become a necessary way for China's instrument industry.However, in the face of rapid development of the industry, the domestic instrument industry still has many shortcomings to overcome.As the saying goes, the outside must first inside, before facing the overseas market with dark tide turbulent, homebred instrument still needs to prepare for a rainy day, avoid the destiny of sink sand thereby.

  In today's economic globalization, we are glad to see that some domestic instrument brands are gradually showing their charm on the world economic stage.However, compared with the international famous instrument brands, the quality development of China's instrument industry is still uneven, and some products are not of high quality, there is still a big gap with the international advanced level.This is the first chaos in the domestic instrument industry.Now, quality is a key word, this year's government work report also clearly put forward that "promote China's economic development into a quality era."If domestic instruments want to develop and expand, they cannot do without quality.Quality is the soul, in any industry is the same, the same in the instrument industry.Instruments are widely used in any industry, scientific research institutions can not get scientific research results without scientific research instruments, the food industry can not guarantee food safety without testing instruments.Nowadays, quality is also an important driving force for China to promote supply-side structural reform and revitalize the real economy under the new normal. Quality is also competitiveness. Only by constantly focusing on product quality, can domestic instruments not be defeated in the competition with imported instruments.For enterprises, quality is life;For consumers, quality is life.Quality is related to all aspects of society, improving quality is the common responsibility of the whole society.Only by adhering to the spirit of craftsman and always putting product quality first, can the domestic instrument industry develop and grow.

  The development of scientific instruments determines the output of scientific research results to a certain extent.At present, there is a great demand for scientific instruments in China, but the level of research and development and production still lags behind the international advanced level.There are many factors that affect the research and development of domestic instruments, such as the low investment in supporting the research and development of instruments and the imperfect regulations on government procurement.

The flow of scientific research personnel is also one of the restraints of instrument research and development in China, for many reasons: the pursuit of scientific research environment, the loyalty of the organization, the requirement of treatment and so on.At the same time, the active translation of good, practical research into policy decisions should be on the agenda of scientists in any country.In the history of science, the big science projects that have been successful have been managed centrally rather than under a contract of "leader + partner".Science is a cause of free exploration, while technology is a goal - oriented focus.With the current r&d model, China cannot produce two bombs and one star.After-sales service of instrument products is the key link of marketing management, and users pay more and more attention to after-sales service.In this respect, compared with imported instruments, domestic instruments have a geographical advantage.Most instrument enterprises in China have professional engineers who can provide door-to-door guidance and complete after-sales service.However, it is difficult to carry out timely maintenance, return and replacement of imported instruments.

In the international market, when the foreign market has separate equipment and after-sales service pricing, the domestic two are still confused.In recent years, agilent, saimofei, shimadzu and other scientific instrument companies have turned to the after-sales service market to explore new profit points.Agilis CrossLab group's after-sales service revenue has been growing much faster than the sales of complete instruments, and semufei and shimadzu have also begun to provide value-added laboratory services.Some industry insiders pointed out that many domestic users do not have the concept of paid service, they think that the after-sale service is only given as a gift when buying a complete set of instruments, and enterprises should provide free after-sale service.Domestic instruments, in particular, should not only be cheap, but also free service.In fact, at present, many domestic instrument manufacturers do promise some after-sales service when they sell the whole instrument, but in the end, they are either inefficient and unable to satisfy users, or they shirk their responsibilities and refuse to perform.If you want to enter the overseas market, how to control the after-sales service of the instrument will become one of the key points for the domestic instrument to enter the overseas market.

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