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Printability Tester
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Printability Tester

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Printability Tester

IGT AIC2-5 Printability TesterIt can test the printability ofvarious substrates and inks.

A small amount of ink and substrate wereused to simulate the actual operation.

Suitable for a variety of inks andsubstrate, can be used for many purposes.

Reduce the number of press tests to savecost


1.Theprintability meter prints the sample sheets for a variety of purposes, such as:

2.To measure color by means of a color measuring system orspectrophotometer

3.Suitable for color matching

4.Visual assessment

5.Density measurement: includes establishing tolerances

6.Determine ink coverage, abrasion resistance, scratchresistance, flexibility, adhesion fastness and gloss, ink transfer rate (g/m2),luminosity resistance and resistance to chemical corrosion.

7.Test printing quality, drawing, wet drawing/wet rejection,roughness, printing penetration, nautical mile test, smudge, penetration, andblotting, loose surface test

8.Suitable for all kinds of materials: paper, cardboard, plasticfilm, glassine, laminated composite, metal products, etc.


1Modern design, simple operation, high reliability, strongstructure, long service life; Easy and quick cleaning

2.Accessories optional, wide range of applications, suitable fora variety of printing substrate and offset, gravure, flexo printing ink; Canquickly replace the printing substrate, ink and printing plate

3.Excellent rendition and reproducibility

Printing speed:
Constant speed 0.2 - 5m/s

Speed up 0.5 - 7m/s

Printing pressure: 50 - 1000 N

Asynchronous time interval: 0.2-120s, the lowest variable at each levelis 0.1s

Number of printing plates: up to 2

The printing plate:

Printing widths: 10, 20, 35 and 50 mm

Printing length: 200 mm


Rubber, suitable for traditional ink

Blanket, suitable for traditional ink

Rubber, suitable for UV curing ink

Blanket, suitable for UV curing ink



The ink equalizing device and theprinting device are independent of each other

Multiple accessories are available

Easy to operate

High reliability

Low initial cost

Suitable for a variety of inks andsubstrate

Easy to move

Weight: 100 kg

Dimensions: 500 x 440 x 500 mm

Power requirements: 115/230 v-50/60 Hz

In combination with IGT High SpeedInking Unit 4, it can achieve the best test effect in the shortest time.

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