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Ink Absorption Test Equipment
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Ink Absorption Test Equipment

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Ink Absorption Test Equipment

JH –YXS-AInkabsorption test Equipment is to determine the paper or board in a certain timeand area of absorption of standard ink performance. The instrument is mainly used to determine the paper board inthe specified time area on the absorption of ink performance. Paper, cardboard,printing ink absorbency is refers to the paper with ink of acceptance and linksin the ink absorption ability, a direct impact on the penetration of ink onpaper and conjunctiva, or reflect the penetration of ink on paper, occurredfrom the ink and paper exposed to completely curing on paper a long time, andaffect the ink membrane drying paper and ink membrane surface properties.

Standard: QG/T12911-91

1. Ink wiping table running speed: 15.5±cm/min

2.Opening area of ink-coated pressure plate: 20±10px2

3.Inking pressure plate thickness: 0.1mm

4.Automatic mechanism control ink absorption time: 120± 5s

5.Man-machine interface: 4.3 "color touch screen control

6. Working environment temperature (20± 10 ° C), humidity is < 85%

7. Power supply: 220V 10% 50Hz

8. Power consumption: 90W

9. Overall dimension: mm: 535*308*280

10. Weight: 33KG

Address: No.7, Shadi, Xintang Community, Wanjiang District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province,China

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