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Automatic Image Measuring Instrument
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Automatic Image Measuring Instrument

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Automatic Image Measuring Instrument

JH-RCY-3020 Automatic measurement softwaredevelopers is combined with more than 10 years of working experience inindustry measurement and software, carefully research and development ofprofessional 2 d measuring software. The design principle is: the operation issimple, powerful, stable and reliable, and easy maintenance. The main drawlessons from the foreign famous software, such as the United States OGPMeasureMindPlus multi-sensor software, and the United States MicroVu measuringsoftware of the company. And it combined with the domestic situation,eclecticism, optimization combination.


X/Y axis stroke: 300*200

The Z axis stroke: Effective space 245mm,focusing stroke 200mm working distance 95mm

Metal table size: 350*220

Glass table size: 230*130

Transmission type: X/Y/Z three-axisprecision V type cross guide X/Y axis optical rod drive, Z axis optical shaftdrive

Optical scale resolution:X/Y/Z axis 0.0005mm(0.5um)

Measurement accuracy: ≤3μm+L/200   Repeat precision: ≤3μm+L/200

Camera: SONY color 1/3 "CCD 800TVLcamera magnification 30-230x

Lens: NAV hd variable lens // continuous magnification0.7-4.5x

When 0.5X objective lens is optional, thetotal magnification is 15-115x

When 2X objective lens is optional, thetotal magnification is 60-460x

Surface light source and transmission lightsource LED cold light source, long life, brightness adjustable

Instrument dimensions (L*W*H): 500*700*1100

Instrument weight (KG): 170

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