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Pram Roller Type Dynamic Durability Testing Machine
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Pram Roller Type Dynamic Durability Testing Machine

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Pram Roller Type Dynamic Durability Testing Machine

JH-TCDT-G Used for r & d personnel and quality control personnel to evaluate and detect the dynamic durability test of hand-pushed baby stroller, bicycle and baby trailer, fix the car on the test table of the machine, after rolling for a certain number of times, visually inspect whether the car body is damaged and wheel is worn.

Standard:AS/NZS2088:2000  ASTM-F833; CNS 6263-11; BSL-1996; EN1888:2003

The test method was as follows: put the model baby in the platform, fix the platform on the test platform, and adjust the conveyor belt speed of 1.4 0.1m/ SEC (13kw/h 3.6kw /h).After continuous testing for 64 hours, check whether the platform is damaged. Up to the set number of automatic stop operation. This machine is equipped with electric eye safety device, which can prevent the pram from being damaged due to the break of handle and rubber band ring.


1. Frequency setting: 6-digit electronic counter 0-999999 times arbitrary setting, with power failure memory function.

2. Test speed: 13kw/h 0.1kw/h (adjustable)

3. Driving mode: the canvas rubber conveyor belt is driven by the roller and then reinforced by the roller to move the special aluminum alloy conveyor belt

4. Drive horsepower: AC380V*3 diameter *3HP

5. Up-down distance: Max300mm

6. Effective width: Max1000mm

7. Test count: set the count with a 6-bit LCD digital display

8. Load capacity: max100lbs

9. Safety device: the test piece drops and stops automatically.

10. Rolling tube: Ф 914 mm, the effective width of 750 mm. Aluminum alloy barrier H38mm W50mm * * 45 DHS

11. Power supply: AC380V*3 diameter *2KW

12. Shape of impact block: trapezoid, half arc or specified

13. Remarks: if there are special requirements, it can be designed and made according to customer requirements

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