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Treadmill Dynamic Endurance Tester
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Treadmill Dynamic Endurance Tester

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Treadmill Dynamic Endurance Tester

JH-PBJ-ATreadmill dynamic endurance testingmachine is to simulate the running process of all kinds of treadmills, under acertain frequency of running, check the overall damage of the treadmill. Applicabletest model: electric treadmill impact test, fatigue test; Non-electrictreadmill impact test, fatigue test.



1. Meet the EN957-7.6.7.

2. The airpressure of the special test tire is 0.15mpa, specification 155/13.

3. Freefalling body can be freely set to hit the high end through the adjustment ofthe cylinder: 10-100mm adjustable.

4. Weight infree fall: 75KG.

5. Impactposition: the middle of the width of the treadmill, 66% of the distance fromthe back end of the running surface.

6. Runningspeed: 8KM/hr and 12KM/hr.

7. Maximumeffective net width of the machine: 100CM.

8. The impactfrequency can be 0-999.999 times, which can be set freely, and the power can becut off to save the record. If there is obvious damage to the tested objectduring the test, the sensor will automatically notify the machine to stop thetest immediately, accompanied by a sound-light alarm, to retain the actual testresults.

9. Power source: motor, compressed air.

10. A human-powered treadmill with wheelsat a speed of 8km/h checks the accuracy of treadmill readings.

11. Control and processing system: PLCprogrammable controller of the automatic control system is adopted as theelectrical control system. Based on the control device of integrated circuitand electronic technology, the electrical control is carried out by means ofprogramming.

12. The 4-inch LED display canautomatically save all test data.

13. Machine size: 310*1440*1620


1. The frame of themachine is welded with high strength section steels of national standard, whichis convenient to assemble. The whole machine is processed with mediumtemperature aging treatment, which reduces the processing stress, is not easyto deform and has reliable structure.

2. Cylinder and keyparts are imported brand products, high reliability, low failure rate;

3. Cylinder adjustment adopts precise screw driver,saving time, labor and high efficiency;

4. The working stroke of the cylinder is controlled by precisesensor, which is convenient for adjustment and accurate for positioning;

5. The Times of impact can be set freely and the power can be cutoff to keep records. The machine will stop automatically after reaching the settimes.

6. PLC+ color 4-inch touch screen control;

7. Electromagnetsuction, avoid the cylinder directly lift the additional external force, sothat the test requirements fully meet the standard of EN957.

8. Suitablefor different heights of the treadmill, when the impact of the treadmill tirelift cylinder lift, easy to operate and save effort.

9. With nopower treadmill drive system.

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