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Baby Strollers Testing Machine// Dynamic Endurance Testing Machine
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Baby Strollers Testing Machine// Dynamic Endurance Testing Machine

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Baby Strollers Testing Machine// Dynamic Endurance Testing Machine

JH-TCDT-Adynamic durability testing machine of prammodel is manufactured according to CNS manual pram dynamic durability testingspecification. Used for testing the dynamic durability of the bottom wheel andthe body of a hand-pushed pram when simulating the movement of road conditions.

Test method

The model baby was placed in the platform, and the platform was fixed onthe test platform to adjust the conveyor belt speed of 1.4 0.1m/ SEC (5kw/h3.6kw /h).After continuous testing for 64 hours, check whether the platform isdamaged. Up to the set number of automatic stop operation. This machine isequipped with electric eye safety device, which can prevent the pram from beingdamaged due to the break of handle and rubber band ring.


AS/NZS2088:2000; ASTM-F833; NS 6263-11; BSL-1996; EN1888:2003


1. Test work: single (double) seat car body

2. Speed5kw/h±0.1kw/h

3. Test way: The canvas rubber conveyor belt is actuated by the roller andthen reinforced by the roller to actuate the special aluminum alloy conveyorbelt

4. Drive horsepowerAC380V*3 diameter *3HP

5. Upper and lowerdistanceMax300mm

6. Effective widthMax1000mm

7.Test count: displaythe set count with 6-digit LCD

8. Load capacity:MAX50 LBS

9. Power supply:AC380V*3 diameter *2KW

10. Impact block shape: trapezoid, half arc or specified11.Weight:600KG

12. Voltage:AC~220V  50Hz

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