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Five-jaw Pressure Testing Machine for Office Chair Foot
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Five-jaw Pressure Testing Machine for Office Chair Foot

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Five-jaw Pressure Testing Machine for Office Chair Foot

JH-WZYFive-jawpressure testing machine for office chair foot static pressure testing machinetest objective: to evaluate the compressive strength of office chair foot,control the quality of products, find out the location of defects, and providereference for improvement.

StandardANSI BIFMA X5.1


1. Maximum tensile LOAD: 5 tons (import)

2.Resolution: 1/50000

3.Unit switching: all kinds of common international units can be switched at will

4.Drawing pressure precision range: ±1/1000
5. Test speed: no segment quantity controlled by computer, maximum speed 0.01 ~300mm/min

6.Displacement resolution: 0.001mm

7can do stress, strain, and show the curve, holding pressure, tension

8.Size of lower platen: 900*900mm, effective space between upper and lower Platen:900mm, surrounding protective cover

9.Protection device: including up and down stroke control switch, program settingmaximum load, maximum extension, automatic shutdown emergency switch, and thedriving motor is servo motor, which is completely controlled by computer,different from AC and DC. The motor is controlled by voltage and needs to bedivided into different sections.
10. Plus a protective cover.

11.Weight: 265 kg

12.The power supply: § 1, 220 v, 15 A

13.Features: computer color screen printer; A printer can print out a computer thetension curve is displayed without the addition of the x. Y recorder. Theprogram can be operated in WINDOWS with mouse control System, control screenformat, Chinese and English display easy to operate.

14.Accessories: one set of pressure plate fixture

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