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Office Chair Spring Fatigue Performance Testing Machine
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Office Chair Spring Fatigue Performance Testing Machine

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Office Chair Spring Fatigue Performance Testing Machine

JH-THPOffice chair gas spring fatigue testing machine is suitable for thedetection of freestyle gas spring, self-locking type gas spring, traction typegas spring, gas spring, swivel chair gas spring, pressure rods, shock absorber,good performance of corrugated tube, the elastic element, the fatigue lifetest, widely used in automotive, aerospace, medical equipment, furniture,machinery manufacturing, and other gas spring, shock absorber production, application,etc.


StandardANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2011


1. One office chair can be tested at a time

2. Pneumatic bar test length range: 0 ~ 500MM adjustable

3. Load cell: 20 ~ 500kg, accuracy: 1%(500kg/2 PCS)

4. Pressure display: digital display (can be set)

5. The pressure can be set. When the set value is reached, thecylinder and the automatic return position enter the next ring

Note: pressure is load pressure.(the pressure is proportional tothe stroke: and the greater the stroke, the greater the pressure)

6. Adjustable air pressure (the greater the air pressure, thefaster the speed!)

7. Counter: LCD.0 ~ 999.999(the number of tests can beautomatically counted, and the number of tests can be set; when the set valueis reached, the machine will shut down automatically or sound and light alarmwill be given)

8. Power supply: AC ~ 220V 50Hz


1. CNC man-machine interface,high stability PLC control, time/times/power one meter system setting,indicating;

2. Can set times, time (s) andpower;

3. Automatic timing (0.01 SEC ~99.99 SEC);

4. Automatic counting(0-999,999 times), force peak function, force preservation function, loadprotection function;

5. Automatic shutdown ofarrival set times, correction password protection, power off protection, poweroff memory, semi-automatic/fully automatic selection, automatic data saving,low-voltage work, breakpoint shutdown, one-finger fix;

6. Add fixtures to controloffice chairs.

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