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Fiber Analyzer
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Fiber Analyzer

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Fiber Analyzer

JH-XWYFiber analyzer is a new product introduced by ourcompany, which has higher automatic and semi-automatic analysis level andbetter imaging ability than the XYZ series products we produced in the past.For well-dispersed specimens, the instrument can automatically measure thefiber length or width (fineness) in the microscope field in 1-2 seconds. Twopoint methods can be used to measure the real fiber length, projected fiberlength and fiber bending index at the same time. The fiber kinking index orfiber wall cavity ratio can be measured simply by three-point method. Bothmeasured and unmeasured fibers are clearly marked in the visual field. All themeasured results can be automatically counted and printed by the computer.

In order toimprove the overall performance of the equipment, the instrument is equippedwith Olympus tricolor biological microscope, which has a good cost performancein the world, and Olympus CX41 microscope, with five convertible objective lenses.Lens quality is better, can provide a clearer fiber shape image and accuratecolor reflection effect. The instrument can quickly and accurately analyze theshape parameters of paper and pulp fiber, including fiber ratio and fiber broomratio.

Fiber analyzerhas both transmission and reflection of light at the same time to observe theability to study the composition of the paper can also study the paperstructure, so as to judge the paper has gone through the process. Theinstrument is a necessary equipment for papermaking production, scientificresearch and teaching. At the same time, it is also widely used in textile,paper cultural relic analysis and identification, and public securityinvestigation.

Measuringaccuracy: the length series is 0.01 mm, and the width series is 1 micron. It issuitable for the analysis and measurement of various paper fibers.


GB/T 28218-2011; GB/T23175-2008; GB/T 4688-2002; GB/T 18829.6-2002; QB/T 2598-2003

Parameter :

1、Computer: National warranty Dell host computer. Processor(no less than) : Intel dual-core 2.8g, 4G memory; Hard disk capacity:500GB;Independent graphics card GF730

2、Display: Dell-u2412, 16:10, 24 "hd colorLCD

3、Microscope: Olympus biological microscopewith triocular lens tube;10x eyeglasses (pair);Five-hole objective lensconversion disc;5 achromatic objective lenses in infinite flat field(2x,4x,10x,20x,40x);An abbe condenser with an aperture; Under the microscope,the image field of view of different objective lenses was 10mm, 5.5mm, 2.2mm,1.1mm and 0.55mm, respectively. On the computer video screen, the image fieldof view is about 5.5x9mm, 3x4.5mm, 1.1x1.8mm, 0.5x0.9mm and 0.26x0.44mmrespectively.

4、Camera: Mshot md5-5 megapixel CMOS colordigital camera.

5、Photographic lens: Photographic lens is aspecial interface between the camera and the microscope, the magnification is0.5 times.

6、Printer: Colorlaser printer.

7、Reflected lightLED lighting device.


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