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Visual Inspection System

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Visual Inspection System

JH-VG-720 Visual inspection system is to use industrialcameras instead of human eyes to complete the recognition, measurement,positioning and other functions. General visual inspection system bycombination synthetic camera, camera, light source, can replace artificial donebarcode character, cracks, packing, surface layer is complete, sag detection,such as using visual inspection system can effectively improve the detectionspeed and precision of the production line, greatly improve the yield andquality, reduce labor costs, and prevent because the human eye fatigue causedby misjudgment.

Visual system software

1. Easy to use, graphical drag and drop operation,intuitive and convenient;

2. Rich function modules, supporting 10 types of 100+function modules;

3. Free configuration of algorithm, highly customizableaccording to visual requirements of the project;

4. Freely edit the interface to create"arbitrary" visual product application interface;

5. Intelligent ROI tracking function, which can completethe algorithm parameter setting in any state;

6. Easy to use, graphical drag and drop operation,intuitive and convenient;

7. Rich functional modules, supporting 10 types of 100+functional modules;

8. Free configuration of algorithm, highly customizableaccording to visual requirements of the project;

9. Support a variety of communication protocols toquickly complete communication and docking with third-party equipment;

10. Support functions such as loop, branch and logicaloperation to solve complex project requirements;

11. Support custom algorithms;

12. Special manipulator control, UVW precisiondisplacement platform, reduce the threshold of related projects;

13. Multi-language support, support rapid switch andcustomization of multi-language, release multi-language interface;

JH-VG-720Intelligentindustrial camera is an embedded machine vision product, which integrates morethan 100 algorithms and can be combined freely for quick editing withoutprogramming and can set the UI interface freely. The integration of richperipheral IO interface can meet the communication access of various industrialfield equipment of different brands.

1. 500-2048 megapixels, global shutter CMOS sensor

2. Support bar code reading

3.255 interactions: it can interact with data of multiplecameras

4. Store and transmit log information

5. Friendly user experience interface

6. Support the output of specific data formats

7. SDK providing C/C++/C# interface is suitable forsecondary development of different platforms

8. IP67 protection can be achieved under the correctinstallation of lens waterproof cover, without fear of harsh industrialapplication environment

9. Gigabit network interfaces supporting industrialprotocols10. Support two light source control modes: add light source to thebody or connect external extended light source (depending on the model)

11. Gigabit Ethernet interfaces provide 1Gbps ofbandwidth with a maximum transmission distance of 100m without the need forrelaying

12. Support for automatic exposure control, user-definedlookup table LUT, Gamma correction, etc

13. The synchronization between multiple cameras orcameras and external devices can be completed by using hard trigger or softtrigger. At the same time can cooperate with different exposure mode tocomplete the camera imaging acquisition

14. Compatible with GigE Vision protocol V1.2, seamlesslylinking third-party software

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