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Wally beater
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Wally beater

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Wally Beater

JH-DJJ-02Variable frequency speed wally pulper is theinternational standard equipment of papermaking laboratory. Thismachine through the flying knife roller and the bottom knife produces themechanical force, cutting, crushing, rolling, splitting, swelling and refiningall kinds of fiber slurry. At the same time the fiber produced cell walldisplacement and deformation of the primary wall and the rupture of the outerwall in this lifetime. According to thebase knife pressure and beating time, can get different degrees of beating pulp.Wally beater is widely used in beater test of various plant fiber, syntheticfiber, carbon fiber and glass fiber.

This machine meet the standard of ISO 5264/I、TAPPI T200 and GB7980- 87( Pulps-laboratorybeating-Valley beater method). This model can change thallium pressure andbeating time. At the same time, it is equipped with variable frequency speedcontrol system, so that users can choose to change the speed of the kniferoller, so as to get different experimental results.

This machine is equipped withfrequency conversion speed adjustment mechanism, flying knife can achieve veryhigh speed, after removing the bottom knife weight thallium, can complete therapid dissolving of the pulp.

Work Principle

The measured and defined concentration pulp is beaten between the flyingknife and the base knife of the Valley pulper. Samples are taken at regularintervals during the beating process and the freeness of the pulp is measured.


1. Standard SizeCapacity:23L, The slurry pool volume:45L

2. Paste Volume:200g~700gAbsolute dry pulp (Tear to 25mm×25mm)

3. Beating Concentration:0-6%

4. Lever Arm Load: (54±1)N

5. Fly knife roller:Diameter x length: φ194MM×155MM

6. Speed:0~900r/m frequency control

7. Power:1.5KW/380V

8. Overall Dimensions:1250mm×820mm×1200mm

9. Totalweight:260Kg

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