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Bauer Fiber Classifier
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Bauer Fiber Classifier

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Bauer Fiber Classifier

JH-SFY Bauer fibre classifier is aninstrument for measuring the weight average fiber length of pulp fiber byscreening method. Used for measuring theproportion of different length fiber in pulp and mastering the distribution ofvarious length fiber in pulp.


This machine meet the standard: GB/T2678.1-1993, TAPPIT5825px 95, SCAN M6(10g sample,water flow 15min,water flow rate 10L/min)


The pulp suspension is injected into a sieve, andeach sieve container is equipped with a sieve net, and the container isarranged in a stepped form. When pulp suspension flows from one container toanother, pulp of different fiber lengths is retained on different screens, andthe fiber length of the retained pulp is consistent with the mesh size of thescreen plate.Under acertain water flow rate, after screening for a certain time, collect the fiberon each sieve plate, dry it, after constant weight, and report the resultaccording to the quantity of fiber remaining on each mesh to the qualitypercentage of the sample.


 1. Sieve classification number5levels

 2. Screen capacity10LThe volume of a classifier

 3.The speed of the agitator:580±1r/min

4.Screening mesh: (factory selection of medium- longfiber): Tyler screen number.14 mesh, 28 mesh, 48 mesh, 100 mesh.

 5.Water flow: 0~20L/min adjustableAdjust accordingto the standard used in the experiment, Display precision: 0.5%R

 6.Screening time: 0~9999min adjustableAdjust accordingto the standard used in the experiment

 7.Main material304stainless steel

 8. Net weight140KG

 9. Water conditions: need continuous water


*Common Screen(Recommended):

Long fiber, TylerScreen number: 10 mesh, 14 mesh, 28 mesh, 48 mesh.

Medium fiber, Tylersieve (factory selection): 14 mesh, 28 mesh, 48 mesh, 100 mesh.

Staple fiber, Tyler Screen number: 28 mesh,48 mesh, 100 mesh, 150 mesh

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