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Paper and Board Bending Stiffness Tester
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Paper and Board Bending Stiffness Tester

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Paper and Board Bending Stiffness Tester

JH-TDY Paper and board bending stiffness testeris a special instrument for measuring the stiffnessof paper and board.It is especially suitable for measuring stiffness of paper and board withlow weight and thickness less than 1mm.Used for measuring the crease force (90rebound force) of all kinds of cardboard and paper boxes (such as cigaretteboxes). In the carton production process, the selection of the appropriateindentation depth, the appropriate indentation width process, can effectivelyensure the carton to have the appropriate tension and avoid damage at thecrease, after the indentation of the cardboard crease force is not appropriate,but also affect the carton bonding is not strong and unqualified key factors.

Testdata show that the cardboard stiffness and crease force have a relativelyappropriate data ratio: MD (longitudinal) direction is generally (1.5~3) : 1, CD (transverse)direction is generally (3~7) : 1; Measure the stiffness of cardboard andcalculate the appropriate crease force according to the proportion, set theappropriate crease force of carton for the packaging equipment in the actualproduction process, avoid improper crease force of carton and weak adhesion,etc., effectively guide the production, reduce unqualified products and improvethe production efficiency.

Cardboard stiffness: by clamping the cardboard testsample at one end and bending the other end to a certain Angle to determine itsforce value.


Usinghigh-precision force sensor, the accuracy is controlled in <1%, better thanthe standard of 2%.

Double chuck,multi-function, it can measure not only the crease force of cardboard andcarton, but also the bending stiffness of paper and cardboard. It has twotest methods, from the English display prompt button to enter, fast andconvenient.

LCDChinese display interface operation. Two kinds of test methods (crease force,paper and cardboard bending stiffness) are completed automatically test datastatistical processing function and micro printer output test report.

Thecalibration procedure is specially set up in the instrument to facilitate themeasurement and calibration department (a third party) to calibrate theinstrument.During calibration, the instrument can becalibrated with standard weights or force measuring devices.


BS6965   BS3748    ISO2493     ISO5628   TAPPIT556   GB/T22364 GB/T23144     QB/T1051   GB/T2679.3



Testrange:(0~1000)g or(0~10000)mN

Crease force:



3. Creasestiffness bending Angle:90o

4. Cardboardstiffness bending Angle:15o

5. Testtime:15s

6. Samplesize:(36×38)mm

7. Load armlength:10mm

Stiffness of the cardboard:

1.Resolution: 1mN

2.Error value:Below 50mN:  ±0.5mN, others± 1%

3.Indication variability:≤1%

4.Bending length:(50±0.1)mm,(25±0.1)mm,(10±0.1)mm

5.Bending test speed:(200±10)o/min. When bending at 15°, the bending time shall be no less than 3seconds and no more than 20 seconds.

6.Nominal bending length:50mm

7.Bending Angle:(0~90)°,Normal (15 ±0.3)°,(7.5 ±0.3)°

8.The width of the Clamp:(38 ±0.1)mm  

9.Sample size:(70×38)mm

10.Load arm length: 50mm

11.LCD service life: about 50,000 hours


13.Dimension(L×W×H):(331×345×280) mm


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