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Mattress Rolling Test Compression Hardness Testing Machine
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Mattress Rolling Test Compression Hardness Testing Machine

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Mattress Rolling Test Compression Hardness Testing Machine

Used for testing the durability of all kinds of mattresses and beds,at the same time, testing the deflection measurement of mattresses and beds,the height of cushion surface, the height of the edge, measuring the hardnessvalue of mattresses, the evaluation of the hardness grade, and automaticallyassess the soft and hard grade of mattresses.        

Testobjective: a wooden hexagonal barrel or cylinder (250 mm in diameter at bothends and 300mm in the middle) that rolls horizontally is used to roll back andforth on the tested mattress, simulating human motion to evaluate thedurability of the mattress. The maximum size of the mattress is 2.2m X 2m.


QB/T1952.2-2011; GB/T26706-2011; BS EN1957-2012; GB/T26706-2011


Control and detection method: Computercontrol, automatic test results, with a key control full automation and manual testingmode. The equipment is equipped with three test methods: pavement rolldurability test, hardness test and cushion height test. All items are testedautomatically by the computer according to the standard program. After the testis completed, the system will automatically lift the roller to the initialposition.

Pavement durability test equipment:

Roller: Oval shape, dimensional toleranceof 2mm, hard, smooth surface, no scratches and other surface defects, at thesame time with a safety cover; Drum length: 1000 2mm;Weight (1400 7)N, frictioncoefficient between (0.2 ~ 0.5); Roll chamfer: R30; Roller diameter: 300 1mm.

Static load: (1400±7)N

Roll rotation moment of inertia: (0.5±0.05) kg.m2

Load frequency: (16±2)t/min

Test time: 50000time (099,999times)

The motor: Original servo motor

The test schedule: Mattress center lineleft and right 250mm

Accuracy of force measuring device: notless than 1%

Dimensional device accuracy: not less than 1mm,The loading block position deviation is±5mm

Strength shows: It can display the forcevalue in the process of loading in real time

Height measurement accuracy: ±0.5mm

Measure pad diameter: 100mm, chamfering R1

The force applied by the pad: 100±20mm/min

Vertical downward force: 4N

Load mat: A rigid cylinder with a smoothsurface and a diameter of 355mm has a convex spherical end face, a radius ofcurvature of 800mm and a radius of curvature of 20mm at the front edge

Loading force: 1000N

Speed at load and unload time: (90±5) mm/min, Thesystem can reach any setting of 0.01-200mm/min

Hardness valueHy: Averageslope (ratio of load force N to sag depth mm at load point) of load deflectioncurves at 210N, 275N and 340N

Test the maximum size of the sample: notless than 2400mm×2400mm

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