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Furniture Comprehensive Testing Machine
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Furniture Comprehensive Testing Machine

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Furniture Comprehensive Testing Machine

JH-JLY-A comprehensive testing machine is fortesting the mechanical properties of furniture. Applicable to the school,family, hotels, hotels, restaurants and other occasions the use of a variety oftables, chairs, stools, cabinets, furniture factory finished products, othertables, chairs, stools, cabinets, and furniture can refer to the implementation.Table class, chair class, cabinet class strength and durability test is tosimulate the furniture in normal use and habits of misuse, each part under thecondition of one-time or repeated load has the strength or endurance of the test;Table class, chair class, ark class stability test is to simulate the furniturein daily use under the load (or no load) conditions, with the ability to resisttipping. The modular structure of high strength aluminum frame is adopted, andthe bottom frame is of solid structure. Base: high strength industrial aluminum+ national standard 45 steel, thickness 10mm, strong magnet fixed sample.Ensure the stable operation of the instrument.


GB/T10357.1-2013, GB/T10357.2-2013, GB/T10357.3-2013,GB/T10357.4-2013, GB/T10357.5-2011


1. Load element capacity0-500kg

2. Overalldimensions (L * W* H)3500×2500×2100,The highest is 2700

3. Precision1/1000

4. Test accuracy: static: 1% dynamic force:5%

5. Electric cylinder and cylinder loading:each cylinder is controlled by a separate electric proportional valve. Cylinderrequirements for the import brand, electrical proportional valve requirementsfor the import brand.

6. Displacement of the trip0-300mm、0-500mm、0-800mm

7. Time for various actions0.01-30

8. Test speed: 1-30 time/min

9. Test times: 0-999999 times

10. Power off memory: it has the functionof stop/power off memory and stop point detection. The test results will beautomatically saved if the machine is stopped or cut off.

11. Stop mode: stop and alarm afterreaching the test number.

12. Sensor: well-known brand sensor.

13. The equipment has a faultself-diagnosis system to facilitate inspection and troubleshooting.

14. The basic frame adopts the modularstructure of high-strength aluminum metal frame, the bottom frame adopts thethree-dimensional structure, and the structure is stable.

15. Base: high strength industrial aluminum+ national standard 45 steel, thickness 10mm, strong magnet fixed sample.

16. Program screen can choose simplifiedChinese, English, in the program Settings page can be arbitrarily replaced.


1. According to the requirements of thetest project, sufficient amount of tooling, fixtures, loading pads, loadingmodules, weights, sandbags, baffles, etc. are configured. The fixtures canrealize rapid disassembly and assembly and have certain universality.

2. Beautiful and generous appearance: fullyhidden wiring to prevent the leakage of electricity and the risk of any powersupply system during operation.

3. The force sensor and the digital forcevalue display system respectively display the real-time loading situation ofeach channel. And it has the most powerful value recording function.

4. The machine can display each test datathrough real-time waveform and numerical value.

5. Each kind of test is not related,different tests are independent of each other, adding new tests or reducing atest does not affect the original test.

6. Can realize unattended test, withautomatic stop function, work piece damage (can be through the positionsensing) automatically stop the test and automatically retain the test results.It has automatic intelligent alarm for abnormal situation and test completion.

7. This testing machine can carry outhardware test items and space expansion as required.

8. Equipped with solenoid valve, pressureregulating oil and water filtration dual, position sensor and otherself-dynamic test pieces whether there is any damage, and automatically stop thetest.

9. The test method can be set to suit anystandard, GB, ASTM, EN.

10. The report is divided into singlecylinder and combined test, which can show the curve diagram and the maximumand minimum force and maximum and minimum displacement of each time.

11. Use three section indicator lights torealize the function of test, alarm and notification during test.

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