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Metal Coating Scratch Tester
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Metal Coating Scratch Tester

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Metal Coating Scratch Tester

JH-HSY-AAutomatic metal coating scratchtester is used to determine the scratch resistance and scratch resistance of asingle coating or composite coating system of paints and varnishes or relatedproducts under standard conditions.

Working principle

Coating has three aspects: the action of protection, decoration,and hide the defects of products, and the three main hardness has a lot to dowith paint, paint film hardness is said film one of the important properties ofmechanical strength, is an important indicator of measuring coating productquality, and measure the coating hardness is an important index of the scratchresistance of determination;

The product thatbesmear has installed is in packaging, carriage and in use process inevitableshould get hard thing delimit brush, the paint film that is not worth delimitbrush often can leave Nick, be delimit even, affect adornment effect to makepaint film lost protective effect again already so. So people need a testmethod to test the scratch resistance of paint. And we need an evaluationcriterion to determine the scratch grade and defect type.

Automatic scratchinstrument test principle of coating is coated with a single or compositecoating of metal test plate fixed on the instrument work platform, workingplatform when testing pull test plate at a rate of 30 to 40 mm/s to moveslowly, at the same time, loading a load of hemispherical scriber slowlyreverse lines in the coating surface, if the scriber cut coating, the scriberand displays a conductive between plates. The test results were evaluatedaccording to the maximum load of whether or not the scratch coating was worn ornot under a certain load.


CB9279-88;ISO 12137-2:1997


Motor power: 60W

Weight: 50 g /2 sets, 100 g /2 sets, 200 g/yard 1 set, 500 g /1set, 1000 g /1set

The diameter of the steel ball1mm

The test load50g~2000g

The speed of the stroke3040 mm/s

The power supply220V AC 50/60Hz
Overall dimensions450×290×170mmL×W×H


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