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?Canadian Standard Freeness Tester

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Canadian Standard Freeness Tester

 JH-YLD Standard freeness meter is used tomeasure the filtration rate of water suspensions of various pulps. Thefiltration rate reflects the fiber after beating or fine grinding. The standardfreeness tester is widely used in the pulp and paper industry in the process ofinspection, paper making process formulation and various pulp and paperresearch institute experiments, is an indispensable measuring instrument forpulp and paper.

The instrument provides a test value suitable for the control ofpulverized wood pulp production. It can also be widely used in various chemicalpulp in the process of beating and sperm pulp filtration changes; It reflectsthe fiber surface conditions and swelling.

Canadian standards freeness refers to the prescribedconditions, the content of Canada free tester is used to test 1000 mL (0.3 +0.0005) %, temperature is 20 ° C about water slurry water suspensionperformance, with the volume of water flowed out of the instrument side tube(mL) values of CFS.

The cylinder and the filter cone are supported by twomachined open bracket flanges on the bracket respectively


1.Applicant:Pulp, composite fiber                                    

2.Standard:TAPPIT227, ISO 5267/2, AS/NZ 1301, 206s, BS 6035 part 2, CPPA C1, and SCAN C21;QB/T1669-1992

3.Size:L300mm × H1120mm × W400mm

4.Test range: 0~1000CSF

5.Thecapacity of a circular container:1000ml

6.Thecapacity of a tapered container on the lower side:23.5±0.2ml

7.The mainconical container is tilted:29±5

8.Theheight from the bottom of the funnel to the overflow level:50.8±0.7mm

9.Screenaperture:Diameter 0.5mm


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